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05/29/24: Spill Live Review: MACHINEDRUM W/ BRUX @ VELVET UNDERGROUND, Spill Magazine

05/10/24: Spill Album Review: Sensuous Enemy – THE AWAKENING, Spill Magazine

05/08/24: Spill Album Review: LA Priest – LA FUSION, Spill Magazine

04/05/24: Tibetans Resist Cultural Erasure Among Assimilation Policies and Residential Schools, CHUO FM

04/04/24: OPINION Ontario Gambling Ads, The Fulcrum

03/10/24: Palestine Protests Continue Despite Charges and Fines, The Fulcrum

02/29/24: War In Ukraine Passes Two Year Mark, CHUO FM

02/12/24: Ottawa Committee Breaks Down Barriers On National Afro-Caribbean Black HIV/AIDS Day, CHUO FM

02/03/24: Universities Brace For International Student Cuts, The Fulcrum

01/12/24: Mino’Weesini Fighting for Food Autonomy, The Fulcrum

12/20/23: What Argentina’s New President Means For The Country’s Future, CHUO FM

11/29/23: South Asian Migrants Crossing the US-Mexico Border, BrownHistory Newsletter

11/10/23: Review: Broken Waters, The Fulcrum

11/09/23: Noir Art Festival’s Opening Gala, CHUO FM

10/30/23: Review: And Then You Pray For Me by Westside Gunn, The Fulcrum

10/20/23: Para-Parity demands greater accessibility for OC Transpo riders, The Fulcrum

10/18/23: This Week in Fulc Music: For All the Dogs by Drake, The Fulcrum

09/14/23: New OC Transpo Initiatives Aim To Combat Deficit And Low Ridership, CHUO FM

08/08/23: Canada Among Nations Calling For Pause On Deep-Sea Mining, CHUO FM

07/06/2023: A Brief Overview Of The Ottawa Jazz Festival!, CHUO FM


The Mosaic:

04/04/24: Tibet Assimilation Policies

02/29/24: 2 Years Since Start of The War in Ukraine

01/25/24: 7 Years Since Quebec Mosque Shooting

01/04/24: Argentina’s New Anarcho-Capitalist President

12/07/23: Canadians in Battle of Hong Kong

11/09/23: NOIR Art Festival Gala

11/02/23: A Day Recognizing Violence Against Journalists 

10/19/23: ParaTranspo Needs

10/05/23: Host

09/14/23: OC Transpo Initiatives

08/17/23: Anti-Nuclear Advocacy and Oppenheimer

08/03/23: Deep-Sea Mining

07/27/23: Healthcare Privatization Panel